Segments are an easy way to filter the data from Friendly Analytics by different criteria.

For example, you could evaluate how visitors from Switzerland perform in contrast to visitors from Germany. Or you want to know how visitors from a certain LinkedIn campaign have moved on your page? With segments you can find out.

Create segments

To create a new segment, click the segments button at the top and then select "Add new segment":


Example: only visitors from Switzerland

To display only page visits from Switzerland, select Visit Location > Country on the left and "Switzerland" on the right:


Example: LinkedIn traffic

To see only visits from LinkedIn, go to "Acquisition > Referral Name" and select "LinkedIn":


Example: Main domain vs. subdomains

If you want to track a main domain (e.g. and a subdomain (e.g. using one "website" in Friendly Analytics, you can evaluate the traffic for the main domain and the subdomain separately with segments.